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Acoustic Guitar options


Back and side wood

Mahogany, Lacewood, Bubinga, Padauk, Zebrawood, Purple heart, Maple, Brazilian Cherry, Indian Rosewood, Myrtle, Wenge, Balsamo, Macore', Sweedish Pearwood, American Cherry, Peruvian Walnut.

Premium back and side wood +$300

Cocobolo, Malaysian Blackwood, Koa, Ziricote, Kauri.


Sitka spruce, Carpathian Spruce, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Engelman Spruce

Premium Soundboards +$100

Adirondack Spruce, Sinker Redwood, Reclaimed Redwood, European spruce, Bearclaw Sitka Spruce


Indian Rosewood, Padauk, Bloodwood

Premium Fingerboards +$20

Ebony, Cocobolo, Ziricote, African Blackwood, Macassar Ebony

Bridge wood

African Blackwood, Indian Rosewood, Ebony


Indian Rosewood, Curly Maple, Bloodwood, Curly Koa, Ebony (all bindings include black/white/ black side purfiling)


My standard rosette is abalone and black/white/black

Wood and Abalone Rosette +$80

This rosette has the same wood as the chosen back plus the abalone and black/white/black.


My necks are engineered to be lightweight, resonant as well as stiff and resistant to breakage. Here is how I do that. First, the neck joint is a dovetail joint. This makes a very solid connection to the body. Secondly, the neck is laminated with Mahogany, Maple and Walnut, all great tone woods. This not only looks good but laminating makes the neck strong and stiff. Stiffness is a good thing for several reasons. It holds up well against the string tension, instead of absorbing vibrations, it reflects them back to the soundboard and it can be important if for slim modern neck shapes. Finally, the headstock is scarfed onto the neck. This allows the grain direction to be oriented on the headstock in a way that prevents breaking from impact.



Scale length considerations

When a player changes from light strings to medium strings, the weight of the strings is increased and therefore the tension must be increased in order to create the same pitch as before. This causes more pressure on the bridge and it gives the guitar's sound more punch.

A similar situation happens when a guitar has a longer scale length. With a longer string, the tension must be increased in order to maintain the same pitch (A= 440hrtz.). This situation also gives a more punchy sound. A shorter scale length will give a sweeter sound. On most standard guitars, scale lengths range from about 24.5" to about 25.5". Fan frets are a way to maintain the higher tension on low notes that may be needed for drop tunings or to keep low notes from getting muddy while lowering the tension on trebble strings that make them easier to play and sweeter sounding.


Cutaways +$300

A cutaway body is a great way to gain access to the upper frets. Two styles are common.

----The Florentine cutaway --------------------------------The Venetian Cutaway

Florentene---------------------- Venetian

Recently I have made some changes to the way that the cuaway meets the body of the guitar. The sides of the body now meet the neck heel with a smooth seamless transition that follows the contour of the heel and gives even more access and comfort when playing up the neck.

Bridge pins, nut, saddle

My standard is a bone nut and saddle and ebony pins with an abalone dot

Premium Bridge pins, Nut and saddle +$250

Mammoth Ivory


Standard purfling is .060" Black/ white/black on top and back with .040" on the sides and end graft.

Abalone Purfling

Abalone purfling in addition to Balck/white/black can be added to the top and back +$500

Abalone purfling and black/white/black on the neck and headstock +$300

Tuning machines

Gotoh 510 chrome, Grover Rotomatic chrome, Schaller M-6 chrome or black

Gold Tuning machines +$50

Waverly Tuning Machines +$130


Standard abalone marking dos or Mother of Pearl dots and "R" headstock inaly

Premium or Custom Inlays +$ varies

You can choose unique fret markers, vines and flowersor you can even design you own headstock inlay.

Pickups +$150-300

You can have a pickup added to any acoustic guitar that I build. I recomend K&K pickups. These soundboard pickups capture the true sound of the guitar, not just the sound of the string.







guardian master



Premium or custom case +$200

Cedar Creek case options are extensive, here are some examples.


Cedar Creek


Cedar Creek CaseCedar Creek Case




Ameritage is a world class case and is avaliable in many colr chices inside and out.

Ameritage logo


ameritage case




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